About Us

An overview of our agency and the people who make the magic happen here.

A Brief History of Us

We are a team of professionals with multiple skill sets working remotely from our home offices across the world. Be the Bean is a Marketing and Design Agency founded in 2020 by, Jiun T. Wang, who leads our strategic lead generation initiatives, so businesses can grow and establish a larger market presence.

Meet the Team

A small and mighty team that dedicated to the success of your business.

Jiun T. Wang

Jiun T. Wang

Founder & Marketing Consultant

With over 10+ years of experience in marketing and design, Jiun help businesses manage and execute marketing campaigns, track goal metrics, develop SEO-friendly content, optimize the buyer lifecycle, and collaborate with multiple partners, vendors, and press to maximize a brand’s lead acquisition strategy. Her background in marketing, graphic design, and front-end web development allows her to easily plan, communicate, and develop projects to meet your organizational goals.

Art Malquisto

Art Malquisto

Visual Designer

Being an exceptional member of the design industry is a big deal for Art. With our industry continuing to grow and evolve into a more diverse business, he is determined to evolve with it and make design a life and a living. In every design comes a process, and in that process, you can either be a part of the problem or part of the solution. If then, he believe that he can be a part of a solution.

Eden Filos

Eden Filos

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Eden Filos is a writer, content creator, and marketing coordinator. She is passionate about informing others about the most up-to-date trends within the business world, strategies, and sharing knowledge, content, and resources to assist people within the industry through multiple platforms while cultivating and advancing her understanding of the topics.

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