Ad Blockers and Website Images

Ad Blockers and Website Images

While scrolling through my LinkedIn news feed, I came across an eye-catching promoted ad by Valassis. I wanted to learn more about the company and the team behind curating this awesome ad. Within 5 minutes, I found myself on their website and obsessed in troubleshooting an image display error.

An awesome LinkedIn Ad of a pink-haired cat lady with a cat.

An Image Error on the Website

When I landed on the Valassis homepage and scrolled down a bit, I noticed right away that their slider was missing an image. I refreshed and then inspected the page to dig into what was causing the image not to display.

Missing image on the Valassis homepage.

The <img class=> was telling me there was a “slick-lazyload-error” for that element. I proceeded to my next troubleshooting step and opened the page in an incognito window to find it displaying without any problems.

Incognito mode of Valassis homepage, showing the image displaying.

The Source of the Problem

After identifying the image display error was being causes on the user-end, I stopped inspecting through the code and turned off and on some Chrome extensions.

UBlock Origin Chrome Extension

I have an extension installed called uBlock Origin that blocks unwanted ads and pop-ups. This extension was causing the image not to appear due to the name associated with the image being “Display Ads” within the same <div> element.

The Takeaway: Check your “Ad” Images

If you’re in the industry of selling ad-related products and services, it’s important to view your website with popular ad blockers. This step will ensure that these tools are not automatically flagging your images to appear like ads.

(Note: I’ve contacted Valassis about the image display error.)

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