Best LinkedIn Ad Examples for Inspiration in 2019

Best LinkedIn Ad Examples for Inspiration in 2019

By looking at LinkedIn ad examples you will learn more about how to promote your ads. It’s also a good habit to see what your competitors are doing in regards to their approach to creative design and copywriting.

Over several months I’ve been collecting multiple LinkedIn ad examples by taking screenshots from my personal feed and company page ad profiles. If you’re looking for some inspiration or trying to figuring out what is the is best “formula” to a successful ad, look below for the best LinkedIn ad examples from large and small brands. This list will be constantly being updated over the course of 2019, so bookmark the page and check back every week or two!

Your benefits by looking at LinkedIn ad examples:

  • Gain a better perspective of recent ads on the platform
  • Increase your library of ideas for ad campaigns
  • Learn about creative approaches to ad design and copywriting

LinkedIn Ad Examples

1. Ginger

ginger linkedin ad example

2. Adjust

adjust linkedin ad example

3. Litmus

litmus linkedin ad

4.  Spotify

spotify linkedin ad example

5. Outbrain

outbrain linkedin ad example
outbrain linkedin ad with man

6. SurveyMonkey

survey monkey linkedin ad example

7. Terminal

terminal linkedin ad example

8. Wix

wix linkedin ad example

9. Upwork

upwork linkedin ad example

10. Microsoft 365

microsoft 265 linkedin ad example

11. Invoca

invoca linkedin ad example

12. Taboola

taboola linkedin ad example

13. Zaius

zaius linkedin ad example

14. 1Q

1Q linkedin ad example

15. Paycom

paycom linkedin ad

16. HelloWorld, Inc.

helloworld linkedin ad

17. Clearbit

clearbit linkedin ad

18. T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price linkedin ad example

19. Bolt

bolt linkedin promoted ad

20. SendinBlue

sendinblue linkedin promoted ad

21. ZipRecruiter

ziprecruiter linkedin promoted ad

22. ActiveCampaign*

activecampaign linkedin promoted ad

23. Carta

carta linkedin promoted ad

24. HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies linkedin promoted ad

25. Zendesk

zendesk linkedin promoted ad

You’ve reached the end!

Please reach out on our contact us page if you’re interested in having your ad featured in the list, and comment below on your favorite ad!


  • Personal LinkedIn feed of promoted posts.
  • Company page profiles “Ads” section.
  • Asterisks denotes affiliate partnership.
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