LinkedIn Webinar Post Examples For Promotion

LinkedIn Webinar Post Examples For Promotion

Many in-person events are canceling due to safety precautions from the pandemic. Companies are now shifting their marketing strategy from live conferences to webinars and virtual type events.

A part of virtual event promotions is about developing eye-catching graphics to be shared across social media channels to increase engagement and sign-ups. To assist in designing a graphic that stands out in a feed of endless content, below is a collection of webinar examples. The examples are chosen based on their eye-catching colors and imagery, the ability to digest the information quickly, and the balance of elements.

You may use these examples for inspiration when designing graphics for your own company’s webinar type event. The page will be a growing collection and will receive monthly updates with new webinar examples from LinkedIn.

Last updated: 07/21/2020

Webinar Designs Organized By Layout:

Speaker Headshots (Circular)

webinar pilot linkedin example


webinar apptentive linkedin example



webinar vidyard linkedin example
vidyard webinar linkedin example


storybrand webinar linkedin example


litmus webinar linkedin example


activecampaign webinar linkedin example


kinsta webinar linkedin example webinar linkedin example


slack webinar linkedin example


digital ocean linkedin webinar example

Speaker Headshot (Rectangular)


sendbird webinard linkedin example


optimizely webinar linkedin example

Spark Genomics

spark genomics webcast linkedin example


zapier webinar linkedin example


hotjar webinar linkedin post example


webinar zoom linkedin example

Search Engine Journal

webinar search engine journal linkedin example


Speaker Cutout


webinar drift linkedin example

Barbara Corcoran

Text Only


hubspot webinar linkedin example


rollworks webinar linkedin post example


gusto webinar linkedin post example


Marketo, an Adobe Company

marketing webinar linkedin example

Using LinkedIn Webinar Designs For Inspiration

The collection of LinkedIn webinar graphics are intended for inspiration when creating your promotional images. It’s nice to view and compare different design layouts when promoting a similar type of event. Some webinar graphics may more suitable for your company’s branding, whereas others may spark creativity in how you can better arrange text with images.

I hope this collection of designs helps in overcoming creative roadblocks, enhancing work productivity, and ultimately allowing you to create effective LinkedIn webinar designs that will promote the event you and your team have worked hard to build.

If you’d like to add your own LinkedIn webinar design to this list, please contact me here.

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