How to Comment on LinkedIn Posts as a Company

On LinkedIn, most people have a personal profile to showcase their work history and accomplishment. Some people are also administrators of a company profile to manage and engage with other users on the social platform on behalf of the company. At the top of your navigation for ‘Notifications’ you will receive a mix of personal and business notifications based on your settings. For some posts you can comment as yourself (personal), where as others you can comment as the company.

By default on your feed when you log-in to LinkedIn, you will be commenting as you (personal). To comment on any post as the company, follow the steps below:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to comment on LinkedIn Posts as a Company

  1. Go to your company page

    Navigate to the company page you want to comment on posts with.

    be the bean LinkedIn company page

  2. Copy the profile ID in the URL

    In your browser, copy your company ID which is a string of numbers.

    linkedin company id

  3. Go to a LinkedIn Post and Copy Link to Post

    Open up a new browser tab/window and go to any LinkedIn post. On the post, click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner of the post to open a menu option to copy the link to the post.

    linkedin copy link to post

  4. Paste and go to link of the post

    In your browser, paste the copied link in the URL and go to the page. You will now be viewing the individual post and you can see that you can engage with the post as yourself (personal) by default.

    individual linkedin post

  5. In the post URL, modify the end

    On the post URL, add the following string to the end of the URL and hit enter/return to load the new page:


    add company actor ID

  6. Done! You can now Comment as your Company

    You will see the profile photo change to confirm that you can now comment, like, share on behalf of the company.

    LinkedIn comment as company

People will choose to comment as a company to reply to tagged post comments or give feedback as a brand that is related to the post topic. Commenting as a company on LinkedIn is also a great way to support any of your partners in the industry or giving a ‘Like’ to people who shared your posts to let them know you appreciate them spreading your news.

Most often you can quickly Like or Comment on LinkedIn posts as a company from the notifications screen when the platform alerts you, but the steps above are great when you want to engage with any post or don’t have an automatic platform alert to quickly comment.

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